DreamWorld Press Kit

Company and Team Information

Please contact (dreamteam@playdreamworld.com) with any questions
Fact Sheet
Game Name : DreamWorld
Developer : DreamWorld Realities, Inc.
Release Date : Aug 14th 2020 (Prototype release) , Feb 26th 2021 (Alpha release)
Platforms : Windows, Mac, (mobile coming)
Website : www.PlayDreamWorld.com
Press Contact : dreamteam@playdreamworld.com
Twitter : @EveryDream1Wrld
What is DreamWorld?
DreamWorld is the first open world creative sandbox MMO with the multiplayer density of real-world cities. 
Our tagline 
Create your dreams with thousands of your closest friends in an infinite virtual adventure. Every dream, One World. 
How do we make DreamWorld possible? 
DreamWorld uses the latest in modern game development technologies and server architecture to create a unified persistent-world experience for millions of players concurrently. 
Why are we building DreamWorld? 
We've been gamers since before we can remember! As gamers, we've always craved an undivided creative adventure with as many people as we experience around us in the real world. DreamWorld is the first virtual world to provide multiplayer density on the scale of real-world cities.
A milestone we're proud of 
Hundreds of people in our dedicated Discord community have spent hours each week creating and placing over 1,000,000 objects to bring their imaginations to life in DreamWorld. 
Our backgrounds 
 We're a team of ex-Google engineers and serial entrepreneurs with over 9 years of game design experience. 
Any other questions?? 
Please feel free to email Zach at dreamteam@playdreamworld.com any time! Cheers and much love! :D (Press contact emails only please)
DreamWorld Logo
DreamWorld Mushroom Forest Biome
DreamWorld Fireworks Over City Gif
DreamWorld Nightly Fireworks Show Gif
Home Made By Discord Community Member (who was the first to play the prototype)
DreamWorld Adventure Endlessly Gif
DreamWorld - The Most Adventure-filled Open World Creative Game. Ever.
Minecraft (Left) & DreamWorld (Right)
DreamWorld Build Anything
Build Anything You Can Imagine
DreamWorld Resource Collection Gif
Resource-Collect The Entire World
DreamWorld - Every Dream, One World
Every Dream, One World
DreamWorld Big Monster Fight
Epic Battles With Thousands of Players