Download & Installation Instructions

Shortly after your purchase, you will receive an email titled "Welcome To DreamWorld!" 

These are the setup instructions you will see on that email -

1. Create an Itch account

2. Use your unique Itch link, click "Log in to link". DON'T DOWNLOAD YET

3. Download the Itch app

4. Open Itch, Log in, Click Library on the left side, and you should see DreamWorld! Click on DreamWorld, then Install.

5. Before clicking Play the first time, copy your provided Access Code. 

6. Press Launch! From now on you can just play from the Itch app, and DreamWorld will be auto-updated with each weekly release.

    General FAQ’s:

    “Game opens but crashes after a few seconds”

    • Have you downloaded the most recent version of DreamWorld?
    • Your Alpha Code may have been entered incorrectly. Check.
    • Are you trying to play DreamWorld on a 2nd computer and no longer want to play on the 1st computer? Contact us on the Discord.

    “I have low FPS/stuttering”

    • When you first start, it generally takes a couple of minutes as the game generates the whole world. Your FPS will increase substantially afterwards.

    “Objects I previously placed have disappeared!”

    • Very rarely the game may not spawn previously placed objects. Closing and reloading the game will usually fix the issue. Don’t worry, the objects aren’t deleted!

    Also please feel free to message us for help on the Discord!