Weekly Development #74

Weekly Development #74

DreamWorld Halloween Giveaway Event!

October 24th - 29th DreamWorld will be doing a raffle for prizes totalling $1000! Any new player that completes DreamWorld’s Free Trial will automatically be entered to win! There will also be a Halloween Building Competition and participants have an additional chance to win! Players in DreamWorld’s discord will also get an in-game Halloween gift package!


  • 1st Place: Nintendo Switch
  • 2nd Place: Bose Noise Canceling Headphones
  • 3rd Place: $200 Amazon Gift Card
  • 4th Place: Razer Blackwidow Keyboard
  • 5th Place: Razer Basilisk Mouse
  • Halloween Gift Package: Pumpkin Head Character Customization, Halloween Resources, Fireworks

Raffle Details: This is a raffle to randomly give out the prizes for people who participate. New players who complete DreamWorld’s Free Trial during the event will get 1 ticket. Players who participate in the Building Competition will get 2 tickets. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place in the Building Competition will get 5, 4, and 3 tickets respectively. Winners announced Halloween day! Winners can swap prizes if they both agree. Join the DreamWorld discord server and DM to get the free Halloween Gift package!

Halloween Maker Competition Details: To participate, submit a public YouTube video link to the #community_creations channel with the title including “DreamWorld Halloween 2022”. Community voting will take place on Sunday the 30th. Winners announced Halloween day!

Patch Highlights :

  • The Hallowed Night has descended upon DreamWorld... Halloween will soon be upon us!
  • Tilling is now fixed and can be used in any biome!
  • Mobs now have a chance to do knockback
  • Crafting Bench improvements
  • Climbing improvements
  • More updates and improvements to the World Map!