Weekly Development #100

Weekly Development #100

Welcome Dreamers, to Weekly Development Release #100!!! 

DreamWorld has now faithfully released 100 consecutive weekly updates since its Kickstarter launch in 2021, and plans to continue development for years to come.

Thank you for bringing your dreams to life with us.
Every dream, one world. 

DreamWorld’s Free Trial! https://www.playdreamworld.com/  

Patch Highlights : 
* DreamWorld now has its own Launcher! (press Free Trial on the website to download) ❤️ 
* Glider updated to be more like Minecraft's Elytra! 🪂
* Mob AI improvements, including a Goblin Miniboss upgrade 🐗
* Nearly every item now has a 3D representation 💎
* Block is being replaced by Special Attacks on right click (WIP) ⚔️
* Building, farming interactions, and lighting improvements 🕯️