Weekly Development #6

Weekly Development #6

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vA.05 -> vA.06 Patch Highlights:

  • Choose your Character Name!
  • More Avatar Customization: Hair, Bodies, and Colors! (With unlocks in future releases)
  • Multiplayer Minimap!! See everyone in the world, always track your Chests and Spirit Lantern, and discover other peoples' chests when close!
  • Avatar Replication improvements (see the tool your friend is about to hit you with!)
  • Spirit Lantern now grants massive defensive bonus to enclosed assets. Protection radius now centered

Itch.io Info:

Alpha Development Pass now open on Itch.io! : https://play-dreamworld.itch.io/dreamworld We are moving the DreamWorld download onto itch.io! This will make it much easier for us to share our weekly updates with you. Our itch.io page is live for new users as of last week. For existing players, we will be sharing this week's update through email, and coming soon, we will send you free access to the Itch.io download.