Weekly Development #1

Weekly Development #1

DreamWorld’s Alpha will be developed over a year+ with many updates nearly every week. This is just the beginning and we’re so excited you’re joining us for it. We’re looking for bugs, and expect there will be many!

If you purchased access to the Alpha Development Phase, you'll receive an email in the next 3 hours with your access information.

This first week's release is a 2.0 of the pre-alpha, everything our small team has been able to get done in the last month.

pre-alpha-> vA.01.1 Patch Notes:

  • A whole new DreamWorld for you to explore and create in
  • The city of Elysium
  • Build your dream home on your plot of land
  • Battle it out with your friends in the Arena
  • New functional assets to build and play with - trampoline, launcher, portals, doors
  • Improved inventory experience
vA.01.1 -> vA.01.2 Patch Notes:
  • Mac version added
  • Player movement latency improvements
  • Bugfix: Sideways portals caused avatar to become sideways
  • Bugfix: Open doors sometimes blocked walking
  • Bugfix: Massive scale Assets

We are in the process of designing DreamWorld’s launcher. We’re looking forward to it making the download process more streamlined.

Have a blast!