Weekly Release Notes

Alpha Development, Week 64
Gorgeous new square and curved assets
Beautiful leaves, snow, and more added
You can now overlap Spirit Lanterns
Resources moved, mobs tweaked, and recipes updated
Immersive sounds added to the crafting bench and furnace
Digging, Climbing, Gliding, and Lantern visual upgrades
Alpha Development, Week 63
The Floating Island is now a Forest Biome!
Click and drag to navigate your World Map
You can now place up to 4 Spirit Lanterns!
New buffs, including Double and Triple Jump!
        Alpha Development, Week 62
        New curved building pieces!
        Perpendicular snapping added to square walls
        Check a marker on your World Map track on Minimap!
        New HP bar above others' heads
        Torch, tutorial, durability, consumables, mobs fixes
          Alpha Development, Week 61
          Put markers on your map for builds and POI
          Spawn at your Spirit Lantern after death
          Incline-based movement speed added
          Potion strengths updated
          Resource rarities tweaked
          Building experience improvements
            Alpha Development, Week 60

            World Map now has a Fog of War! (Press M)

            Some new resources and a new type of bear in our tundra and mountain biomes

            Spell benches are back in business

            New torch tutorial to help shed some light on surviving the night

            Spirit Lanterns offer a stronger protection against those pesky night mobs

            You can now permanently remove trees from the world!

            Alpha Development, Week 59

            WIP World Map! (Press M)

            Find awesome new food buffs like Luck and Life Steal throughout the land

            Getting hit while eating will interrupt consumption

            Snapping improvements on building assets

            Mount riding, camera, mob, Spirit Lantern, and many other bugfixes

            Video Capture temporarily removed for fixes

            Alpha Development, Week 58

            You will now log back in where you logged out!

            There are now teleport cooldowns

            We upgraded to UE5, we expect there to be new bugs to find!

            Please upgrade your GPU drivers and check to see if you have a Windows update

            Tweaks to mob damage and health; using weapons should feel more impactful

            Asset unlocking scrolls will automatically unlock new assets

            Alpha Development, Week 57

            Buffs on food, and cooldowns on potions added!!

            Cast time added to eating

            New Desert Bees and several new resources!

            Last week's lag should now be gone!

            More improvements to building with Modular Assets

            Redwoods have moved in and pushed Conifer up the mountain

            Alpha Development, Week 56

            Beautiful new Lights to decorate your home with!

            In-Game Video-Recording (Cntrl-C) integration with Discord improved! Only short clips work due to Discord file size.

            Improvements to building with Modular Assets (Walls, Stairs, etc)

            Asset Unlock Scrolls are now auto-consumed when picked up

            Digging the ground now makes a much larger hole

            Alpha Development, Week 55

            Interactable chairs and beds are now available to build with!

            Toolbar keybindings for 1 to + now ready for your assignment!

            Amphibious crocodiles now roam the shallows, sharks the depths

            Snapping points on building pieces improved!

            Tutorial updates added 

            Alpha Development, Week 54

            Lights, Camera, Action! - Native video recording returns. You can now record and upload up to a min of play! Just press Ctrl + C.

            Hunger mechanic removed! Eating food now provides health and sometimes buffs

            Tool, harvesting, and animation bug fixes.

            Removed flying in chairs and other related issues

            Alpha Development, Week 53

            Come take a seat! - Place a chair and sit in it by right clicking on it

            Harvestable items like mushrooms will no longer fall through the world if you dig under them!

            Inventory, notification, UX, and Trader bug fixes

            WIP native video recording temporarily removed for performance improvements

            Alpha Development, Week 52
            DreamWorld has come a long way since its first weekly Alpha Development Phase release!
            As of today, DreamWorld has faithfully added features and updated its Alpha version every Friday for 52 weeks; 1 whole year.
            Here's to many years of updates to come, and here's a recap video below! Thank you so much to the DreamWorld community. You are the reason we work so hard for such long hours. Thank you for sharing this dream with us.
            All our best, The DreamWorld Team
            Patch Highlights :
            WIP In-game video capture! - OBS too complicated? Just press (Shift + C)!
            We're still working on two of our largest features yet (as well as several other multi-week projects), and we can't wait to share them with you! https://youtu.be/6GxIV2GbUB4
            Alpha Development, Week 51

            Proximity Voice Chat improvements! (Enable it in Audio Settings)

            UI/UX updates! - Furnace, Asset Catalog, Dialog, and Tutorial HUDs

            Torches will now lose durability while held

            Gliding now 3x faster!

            SFX, furnace, hunger, Trader, and building bugfixes

            We're working on two of our largest features yet, and we can't wait to share them with you!

            Alpha Development, Week 50

            Proximity Voice Chat!! (Enable it in Audio Settings)

            Hang-gliding! (Press Spacebar while high in the air)

            UI/UX updates! - Crafting, Shop, Appearance, Unlocks, and Tooltips HUDs

            Movement, Animations, and Camera updates

            Interaction bugfixes

            Alpha Development, Week 49

            UI/UX updates! - Container & Notifications HUDs

            Item collection popup!

            Build placement cancellation (toggle out of Build Mode)

            Movement and Animations updates

            Mounted bugfixes - We've been working on two larger features we're hoping to land next week!

            Alpha Development, Week 48

            UI/UX updates! - Gameplay, Inventory, and Controls HUDs

            Gamepad controller support!

            Movement and Animations updates

            Keybinding functionality fixed

            Materials and Interaction bugfixes

            Alpha Development, Week 47

            Place the Gramophone from the Asset Catalog and put Records you find around the world in it to play music!

            Multiplayer Combat Improvements!

            Movement Animations update (WIP)

            Bugfixes to camera feature (C), teleporting to your lantern, and selfie view (V)

            See your friends in the dark by their hand-held torch light!

            Alpha Development, Week 46

            Craft torches and use the resource wheel when placing them to choose their light color!

            WIP - Most creatures now have updated AI behavior

            New UI in inventory, spirit lantern, and pause menu - We'd love to hear your feedback!

            World lighting, animations, and materials update

            Fixed missing faces on building assets

            Alpha Development, Week 45

            Better prey AI behavior!

            Traders with exotic goods await you across the land!

            Dragons will now try to burn you to a crisp!

            Climbing and animation improvements

            Lighting, fog, and foliage beautification

            Collectible resource bug fixes

            Alpha Development, Week 44

            Torches for nighttime lighting!

            Venture to distant lands to find dangerous dragons and friendly fey

            New animations on level up!

            New loading screen kicks off a huge UI update incoming!

            Voxel world performance improvements!

            Lighting, fog, and distant landscape beautification