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  • Sculpt The World and Create with a Massive Catalog of Objects
  • One Single World, All Your Friends
  • Explore Beautiful Biomes 
  • Fight and Befriend DreamWorld's Incredible Creatures

DreamWorld is currently in its Alpha Development Phase. New features like those above are added to DreamWorld's Alpha nearly every week. Here are a few of the features we've added in the first six months of development :

  • Over 100 Beautiful Resources to Collect and Build with
  • Pets, Mounts, Mobs, first Epic Boss Fight
  • Character Customization with Craftable Unlocks
  • Unique Player-owned Properties in the City
  • Chat and Emote system with Craftable Unlocks
  • Almost all of the features visually displayed in our Kickstarter trailer! (And more)

Following purchase, you will be emailed at the email address you provide at checkout with your access code and a link to the DreamWorld file download.

    If you have not used your Access Code to play the DreamWorld Game and you would like a refund, please contact us at support@playdreamworld.com within one week of your purchase.
    WITH YOUR PURCHASE, YOU ARE BUYING ACCESS TO DREAMWORLD'S ALPHA DEVELOPMENT PHASE, NOT ANY SUBSEQUENT PHASE; HOWEVER YOUR PURCHASE WILL ALSO BE CREDITED TOWARDS THE SUBSEQUENT PHASE. We expect DreamWorld's Alpha Development Phase to end sometime in 2022. Please note that DreamWorld does not run on the Apple M1 chip. Everything else works.

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